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Cool Wave Pansies

Cool Wave Pansies are available in four colors this season and are sale priced this weekend at full trays of 18 for $18.


We brought about half of our shrubs in last fall and transplanted them into larger pulp pots and topdressed with Osmocote slow-release fertilizer. They continued to grow through fall and were able to break dormancy here according to our spring weather. The other half were brought in bareroot this spring and again, transplanted into pulp pots and allowed to break dormancy here. We also added mycorrhiza around the root system and topdressed with Osmocote. Growing in pulp allows customers to plant the plant in the pulp pot since it will break down within the first to second season after planting. The premium potting mix, mycorrhiza, and slow-release fertilizer will provide everything the plant needs to succeed through its first growing season.

Available in a range of mature sizes, foliage coloration, and bloom times, shrubs work well as hedges and screens, as a backdrop for a garden, as stand alone plantings in the landscape, and to add year-round seasonal color. Shrubs provide privacy and a sense of enclosure as we avoid views and noises from intrusive surroundings by creating spaces to relax and enjoy being outdoors. While many of the plants we offer are natives, we also include shrubs that are adapted to our climate and soils. Since we're all looking for plants that are easy to grow so we can spend more time enjoying them and less time maintaining them, we encourage gardeners to consider the mature height and spread of the shrubs. Our Shrubs Availability List Page provides plant descriptions and we've sectioned the shrubs into two areas here in the nursery; those 5' and under and those 6'+ to make choosing the right plant size for the intended area easier. Planting the right plant in the right place is the best way to minimize unnecessary pruning that creates maintenance chores and changes the plant's natural shape. 


Our perennial selections are based on providing color through the changing seasons. Most perennials have a "bloom time", either spring, summer, or fall so it's important to select varieties that have differing bloom times. Perennials also have different heights and spreading habits, so be sure to select the right perennial for the garden space you are developing. Our Perennials Availability List Page is further defined by perennials that: Attract Pollinators, are Deer-resistant, are best For Shade, serve as Groundcovers, or are Xeric/Water-wise. And we encourage gardeners to consider providing a diverse plant community of shrubs, perennials, and all-season colorful annuals that provide a range of food and shelter for beneficial insects and birds to keep pests in check naturally. Our Annuals Availability List Page is posted, so be sure to check that out. 


'Oregon Spring' slicer 'Cherokee Purple' heirloom 'Sweet Million' cherry
Our tomato plants are grown from seed here at Colorscapes and include: Roma (indeterminate vine), 'Oregon Spring' (determinate, parthenocarpic), 'Cherokee Purple' (indeterminate vine, heirloom), and 'Sweet Million' (indeterminate vine, cherry) @ $2.00 each. We grow our tomato plants in large containers on the deck. The 'Oregon Spring' slicers are easy since, as determinate vines, they do not require large "cages" and parthenocarpic plants do not require pollination to set fruit.

Our Long Term Goals Continue to Be:

To educate customers so they can be successful, confident gardeners.
To provide healthy plants that are grown in and for this area.