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Availability List Pages for the perennials, annuals, and shrubs we plan to offer for Spring of 2018 including:

Pictures, cultural information, and plant attributes will be posted in mid-February.

2018 Previews

Preview of Shrubs for 2018

The shrubs that arrived in September were transplanted into pulp pots to winter-over here at Colorscapes. The bareroot stock will arrive in March and also be transplanted into pulp pots.

These biodegradable, pulp pots are large enough to fully surround the rootball, so we are able to include an amended potting mix. This combination of pulp pots and amended mix will insulate the roots through winter and again in spring.

Preview of Perennials for 2018

The perennials we offer include "tried and true" varieties that we have grown for decades and new plants that are later trialed in our gardens to monitor for hardiness and attributes.

Every season provides us with an opportunity to improve the growing environment while continuing with our commitment to environmental sustainability here in the greenhouse and as the plants transition into local gardens.


Our Long Term Goals:

To educate customers so they can be successful, confident gardeners.
To provide healthy plants that are grown in and for this area.