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Open for the season through to Saturday, July 28th

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Our Availability Pages provide height (HT) and spread/spacing (SP). Growing habit; groundcover, mounding, upright. Cultural requirements; light and watering. Bloom time, for continuous bloom and foliage color through the seasons. Pages recently updated; click "reload" icon to view current availability. We are open for the season through to July 28th.  Select perennials discounted: Tray of 8 in 6" pots @$48 Tray of 8 in 4" pots @$20. OK to mix varieties for full tray.

Sampling from Shrubs Availability Page

We're all looking for plants that are easy to grow so we can spend more time enjoying them and less time maintaining them. So, here's the challenge to people looking for plants to enrich their lives: 

Prior planning prevents poor performance. The time and energy spent on the design and preparing the area for planting will always define the difference between plants that thrive and plants that dive.

Sampling  from Perennials Availability Page

Do your homework so you can shop with a list of possibilities. Pictures of the area are a way to increase your chances of finding just the right plants; but be flexible and willing to try plants suggested by a trusted retailer.

Gardening is for those of us who love to be around plants and enjoy spending time outside caring for them. Landscaping is designing with plants to fit the right plants in the right place to minimize maintenance chores.


Our Long Term Goals:

To educate customers so they can be successful, confident gardeners.
To provide healthy plants that are grown in and for this area.