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Thanks go out to our gracious clientele that have continued their support over the years and to new customers that have found their way out. It is always a pleasure to be around happy people who love to be around plants, enjoy gardening, and share my enthuasium for both.

Asia stopped by recently and took some pics that I want to share with you.
Indeterminant Toms Oregon Spring Determinant Toms
The tomatoes planted in containers in mid-June are doing well and starting to blush. The inderterminants, 'Cherokee Purple' and 'Sweet Million', need some serious support through the season since they grow so large. I will keep the large leaves on the plants through the heat of summer to keep the vines shaded and the fruit cool, then begin to trim at the start of September. The 'Oregon Spring' determinants are bushy and do well in these 13" pulp pots along the deck rail seating. In both areas, the brightly colored annuals are included to attract honeybees; those needed pollinators that ensure fruit set. The potting mix is kept evenly moist to avoid that wet/dry cycling that causes cracking, end rot, and a host of other problems. The bird netting will go up this weekend to prevent deer from munching while allowing the bees to get in and do their work.

Deck View Deck View
A favorite spot to enjoy late-afternoon shade while watching the hummingbirds move deftly from bloom to bloom on the 'Hot Lips' Salvia within just a few feet. I call them my sentinel plants as they stand guard at both deck openings to ward off deer considering coming up onto the deck. The 'Rythm and Blues' Petunias and Dahlberg Daisies were planted in mid-June along with the tomato plants; even though the petunias were spindly at first, within a few weeks, they began to fill out. They have been a personal favorite since first offering them in 2012 and the Dahlbergs are always an easy-to-grow beauty.

Gazebo Gazebo
The gazebos have turned otherwise unusable areas...too hot and sunny, into comfortable places to enjoy morning coffee or sit and enjoy a midday break. We have two, one on the deck and this one, that we bought over a decade ago. The strucures have stood the test of time, but the coverings need to be replaced every 3-4 years. Good thing Frank knows how to sew! Again, 'Hot Lips' Salvia are nearby and the 'Rythm and Blues' Petunias, though not planted until mid-July, are filling in nicely.

remaining shrubs remaining perennials
We have fewer shrubs leftover than expected and lots more perennials; impossible to get those numbers spot on when ordering. They will stay where they're at through the rest of summer with overhead watering on timers. In late September, some of the shrubs will need to be bumped up into larger pulp pots and the majority of the perennials will need to be transplanted into one-size-up pots for 2016.

Daylily Cutback
I normally wait until late September to cutback the Daylilies, but this summer is hot and windy meaning that there would simply be too much foliage to support without over-watering the other perennials on the same benching. The plant's energy will be focused on root development rather than sustaining the bloom and foliage; a tip to consider when transplanting perennials in the heat of summer in the gardens. Enjoying the Echinacea blooms too much to cut.

Garden and landscape projects are a continuous effort to develop and improve our outdoor living spaces. Before and after pictures are a way of remembering the event. We plant every summer; there are areas to fill in, new gardens/projects, plants that I need to trial in my gardens, or just because. It gets easier from year to year and since it's something I enjoy spending my time and energy doing, I also get to enjoy the benefits that plants provide. Customers are more than welcome to share ideas along with questions and comments (good and bad) about the plants they bought here via our email address.

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