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Viola 'Etain'
Annuals are available in a range of sizes, colors, and shapes and I always try to grow and offer varieties that I am confident will do well in our unique climate.



Pansies are a long-time favorite and these Cool Wave Pansies are a breakthough plant that have a semi-trailing habit making them ideal in container gardens, hanging gardens, and as filler plants in the landscape. 

The four varieties we have for this season include: Cool Wave 'Golden Yellow', 'Violet Wing', 'Blue Skies', and Blueberry Swirl' @ $2.50 and are now sale priced at $18 for full trays of 18.

We suggest trimming them by half in early July to allow the plant to tough out the heat and return fuller and more vigorous through late summer and into fall.


Petunias are by far the easiest and most popular annual we offer. Available as mounding with a slight branching habit and as vigorously trailing plants, several are available in 6" pots @ $8 and in 4" pots @ $4. 

Calibrachoa are charming in every way and make excellent fillers in container gardens. Self-cleaning so no need to deadhead. Remaining varieties are available in 6" pots @ $8.

Geraniums for this season are available as upright and semi-trailing/mounding varieties that can be planted by themselves or in a container with other colorful annuals.