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Colten's Pic Of Deer In The Shade

Deer move freely through our landscape. We both have that same "What are you doing in my yard?" expression when we see each other. If you face a similar situation, look for the
Deer-resistant symbol to minimize frustration.


Achillea/Yarrow 'Moonshine'
HT:24" SP:20" Upright, Blooms Summer-Fall 

Full Sun Xeric (Zer-ik) Deer-resistant Attracts Butterflies

This non-invasive yarrow has flat-topped, yellow flower clusters offset with silver, fern-like foliage. Forms a large, non-invasive clump quickly that adapts well to a xeric, naturalized setting so avoid planting in shady areas. Highly deer-resistant and can be used in dried flower arrangements.

Ajuga 'Black Scallop'

Ajuga 'Black Scallop'
HT:6" SP:Groundcover, Blooms Spring-Early Summer

Full Sun Part-Shade Deer-resistant Attracts Butterflies

This tough little groundcover never fails to impress with its durability and thick roots that work their way through the gardens without choking out other plants. Spreading by plantlets, (like strawberries) Ajuga is a charming addition planted at the base of trees and shrubs.


Artemisia/Silver Mound Artemisia 'Silver Mound'
HT:14" SP:14" Mounding, Grown for foliage through season 

Full Sun Xeric (Zer-ik) Deer-resistant 
Finely textured silver leaves are soft to the touch. Habit can be kept in a compact mound by trimming back blooms as they appear. Xeric plant that thrives a sandy soils with soil level, drip irrigation rather than overhead sprinklers. Fragrant (like our state flower, Artemisia) and highly deer-resistant.


Aster 'Purple Dome' Aster 'Purple Dome'
HT:18" SP:24" Mounding, Blooms Late Summer-Fall

Full Sun Deer-resistant Attracts Butterflies Attracts Bees

Forms a solid, rounded mound of royal purple flowers. A sought after variety that provides color through late summer and well into fall and selected for its long bloom time. Beneficials seek out fall flowers for needed nectar and pollen and this variety stays compact from start to finish.


Brunnera 'Jack Frost' Brunnera 'Jack Frost'  PPA Winner 2012
HT: 12" SP: 20", Mounding habit, Blooms Spring-Early Summer

Full Shade Part-Shade Deer-resistant Attracts Bees
'Jack Frost' is a standout in shady areas. Prominent green veins are a nice contrast. The plant forms a rounded clump that spreads over the years. The blue forget-me-not flowers appear above the foliage and the showy foliage remains nice through the changing seasons.



Centranthus 'Coccineus'
HT:30" SP:24" Upright Habit, Blooms Late Spring-Summer

Full Sun Xeric (Zer-ik) Deer-resistant  

An outstanding plant for our climate since the plants thrive through hot, dry summers and -30 degree winters. Prefers full sun, sandy soil, and drip irrigation at the soil level rather than overhead watering. Will bloom again later if deadheaded; otherwise, the spent blooms will drop viable seeds.
Highly deer-resistant and easy to grow.


Cerastium/Snow In Summer Cerastium tomentosum 'Snow In Summer'
6" Silver Persistent Foliage, Groundcover, Blooms Through Summer   

  Full Sun Xeric (Zer-ik) Deer-resistant 
Easy to grow groundcover for hot, sunny areas. By far our most aggressive groundcover and our most popular. Spreads quickly and the foliage remains through winter and into spring detering annual weeds. Shear the plant to about two inches every fall and use scissors to keep the foliage from spreading if needed. Good plant for sloped, full sun areas since it holds the soil in place.  

Delphinium Delphinium 'Pacific Giant King Arthur'
HT:60" SP:15", Blooms Spring-Early Summer    

  Full Sun Deer-resistant Butterfly Attracts Bees
The electric blue flowers with their bright, white eye are outstanding as the 2' flower stocks rise high in the gardens. Does not require staking when surrounded by medium height (4-6') shrubs that block spring winds. Delphiniums make  great cut flowers since the blooms last for weeks and keep their bloom color and shape as they dry.

Echinacea Purple Coneflower Echinacea 'Magnus' PPA Winner 1998 and 'Cheyenne Spirit'
    HT:30" SP:24" Upright Habit, Blooms Late Summer-Fall    

  Full Sun Deer-resistant Attracts Bees
Coneflowers are slow growing but reliable. Placed towards the center of the garden, Echinacea are a good cover plant as perennials that bloom earlier start to fade. Native to the Americas, Echinacea attracts butterflies and is an important addition to the xeric, full sun perennial garden. 'Cheyenne Spirit' is shorter at 24" and comes in a mix of fall colors including shades of orange, yellow, and red.

Eupatorium 'Baby Joe' Eupatorium dubium 'Baby Joe' PP20320
HT:24" SP:24" Mounding Foliage, Blooms Summer-Fall 

Full Sun Part-shade Deer-resistant Attracts Butterflies 

Like a miniature version of 'Purpurea'/Joe Pye Plant, this smaller selection fits well into the mixed perennial garden. Broad panicles of mauve-purple flowers appear on dark purple stems later in the season. This cultivar of a native perennial is known for attracting Monarch butterflies as they migrate through the area.  


Gaillardia 'Arizona Apricot' Gaillardia 'Arizona Apricot'
HT:12" SP:12" Mounding Habit, Blooms Summer-Fall
  Full Sun Xeric (Zer-ik) Deer-resistant Attracts Bees 
Often included in with other easy-to-grow perennials in wildflower mixes. Gaillardias have a long bloom time that can be further extended with deadheading. Blooms attract bees and butterflies so a nice companion planting with Catmints, Salvia, and other perennials that thrive in full sun in and around the vegetable garden.

Heliopsis Heliopsis 'Loraine Sunshine' PP10690
HT:30" SP:24" Upright Habit, Blooms Mid-Late Summer
  Full Sun Deer-resistant Butterfly Attracts Bees 
Variegated white with dark green veining offset with bright yellow flowers on sturdy stems. Hardy and easy to grow providing unique foliage coloration through summer and into fall. Sprawling habit, so avoid planting next to shorter, compact plants. Flowers can be used in cut and dried flower arrangements.

                      Iris 'Clarence'  Iris 'Jurassic Park' Iris 'Wine Festival'  
                             'Clarence', 'Jurassic Park', and 'Wine Festival' 
Tall bearded Iris are a beautiful, low-maintenance addition to any full sun, xeric landscape. A long-time favorite of novice and advanced gardeners over the years since they are available in stunning colors and a welcome site as we move from winter into spring. Best when planted so that the top half of the rhizome is visible at soil level; otherwise root rot occurs. Highly deer-resistant. Excellent as a cut flower with long lasting, mildly fragrant blooms.

Lamium 'Orchid Frost'
Lamium 'Orchid Frost' HT:8" Groundcover, Blooms Summer Into Fall 

Full Shade Part-Shade Deer-resistant Attracts Bees   
'Orchid Frost' is one of the best groundcovers available for this area. The bright foliage is a standout in shady areas and the charming blooms are a soothing shade of orchid that attracts pollinators. This delicate looking plant is remarkably tough and will tolerate full sun when planted in amended soils. Also lovely in container gardens that share a shady space with me through the heat of summer. Highly deer-resistant.


Leucanthemum/Shasta Daisy

Leucanthemum; Shasta Daisies, Mid- Summer blooms

Full Sun Deer-resistant Butterfly

Shata Daisies are a charming addition to the full sun perennial garden and a long-time personal favorite. 'Becky' provides blooms on tall, sturdy stems.



Lupine 'Gallery Blue', 'Gallery Red' and 'Gallery Yellow' HT:24" SP:18"
Upright, Blooms Late Spring-Early Summer

Full Sun Part-Shade Deer-resistant Butterfly 

Lupine are popular with their unusual flower spikes that rise above the foliage. Blooms and plants are short-lived (like Delphiniums), so we plant every 2-3 years to insure inclusion into the gardens. Customers have shared pics of areas where the Lupine have spread via viable seeds creating a wonderfull area filled with a mix of these colorfull beauties. Poisonous, so be aware.



Monarda 'Jacob Cline'
HT:36" SP:30" Upright, Blooms Mid-Late Summer

Full Sun Part-Shade Deer-resistant Hummingbird

Monarda is well-known for attracting hummingbirds into the gardens since their tubular flowers are suited to the bird's feeding habits, so be sure to plant where you can sit and watch them as they move from bloom to bloom. The foliage is wonderfully mint scented.


Nepeta 'Walker's Low'

Nepeta/Catmint 'Walker's Low' HT:36" SP:36" PPA Winner 2007

Full Sun Deer-resistant Attracts Bees Butterfly

Nepetas are highly deer-resistant and great plants for areas where they can be allowed to spread and thrive. Honeybee and bumblebee magnets; a characteristic to consider if you're allergic or (cringe) just don't like honeybees. The plants will provide a full flush of flowers that will fade after 4-6 weeks, so the plant will need to be pruned down to 4-6 inches to produce new growth and another full flush of flowers in late summer.



Papaver/Poppy 'Allegro' HT: 18" and 'Prince of Orange'
HT:30" Both SP:24"; Upright Habit, Blooms Through Early Spring

Full Sun Xeric (Zer-ik) Deer-resistant  

Oriental Poppies are unique with their large, intensely bright, papery blooms measuring a full 4-5 inches across. Plants prefer to be watered at soil level using soaker hoses or other type of drip system so the foliage and flowers stay dry. To enjoy as cut flowers, cut, then singe the bottom of the stem with a candle. Plant towards the center of the garden and cut them back in later in summer as their foliage begins to die back.

Penstemon 'Pocahontas' Penstemon strictus photo by Susan J. Tweit
Penstemon digitalis 'Pocahontas' 36" and strictus 30" Early-Late Summer
Full Sun Deer-resistant  Attracts Bees

Penstemons (named for having 5 stamons) are well known for attracting hummingbirds, butterflies, bumblebees, and honeybees into the gardens. Their upright habit and long bloom time allows them to fit nicely into the xeric landscape. Penstemon strictus, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, is a native wildflower that thrives in our climate and soils. Best when placed nearby to enjoy the beneficial insects as they move from bloom to bloom.


Perovskia/Russian Sage

       Perovskia atriplicifolia Russian Sage HT:36" SP:36" PPA Winner 1995

Full Sun Xeric (Zer-ik) Deer-resistant  Attracts Bees

Masses of small flowers form on multi-branched, aromatic stems from August-frost. Highly deer-resistant. Prefers xeric landscape conditions so avoid overwatering through summer and waterlogged soil in winter. Pervoskia forms woody branches through the summer months and then flowers late in the season, so we prune to green in late spring. Honeybee magnet.


Phlox paniculata 'David' Phlox 'David' HT:30" SP:24" PPA Winner 2002  

Full Sun Part-Shade Deer-resistant Butterfly
Phlox are popular, long-lived plants for the full sun to part-shade garden. Prefer amended soils and ample water at the base rather than overhead so flowers don't "shatter" and drop prematurely. The flowers are highly fragrant and make elegant bouquets. Like Oriental poppies, we singe the base of the stem so the flowers last longer. Also this season, Phlox p. 'Early Purple'. With both varieties the blooms last longer when planted in part-shade.


Salvia 'May Night' PPA Winner 1997
HT:24" SP:18" Blooms Late Spring-Early Summer

Full Sun Deer-resistant Attracts Bees
Salvias are amongst the easiest of perennials to grow. Their dense spikes of dark purple flowers on sturdy stems rise above the foliage. Well-known for not just deer resistance, but to repel them. A favorite of honeybees and bumblebees through spring. Will often re-bloom if deadheaded.


Sempervivum/Hens and Chicks

Sempervivum/Hens and Chicks
Charming succulent offered as a groundcover

Full Sun Xeric (Zer-ik) Deer-resistant

Available this season in 8 varieties from the 'Chick Charms Collection' so you're sure to find one that's just right for the rock garden, xeriscape, or a full sun container garden.