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Part-Shade  Part-Shade: Refers to plants that require no more than 4 hours of direct light.
Full Shade Full Shade: Little or no direct, bright light. At our elevation of 5800', even shady areas are bright.
Xeric (Zer-ik) Xeric (zer-ik)/Water-wise: Refers to xeriscape plants that thrive with less water.
Deer-resistant Look for the deer-resistant icon if deer move through your landscape.
When considering perennials for gardens that have a mix of trees, shrubs, and perennials,
note the  symbols provided so plants with the same requirements can be grouped together.

Ajuga 'Black Scallop'

Ajuga 'Black Scallop'
HT:6" SP:Groundcover, Blooms Spring-Early Summer

Part-Shade Deer-resistant Attracts Butterflies

This tough little groundcover never fails to impress with its durability and thick roots that work their way through the gardens without choking out other plants. Spreading by plantlets, (like strawberries) Ajuga is a charming addition planted at the base of trees and shrubs.


Anenome 'Honorine Jobert' Anemone 'Honorine Jobert'  PPA Winner 2016
HT:36" SP:24" Mounding Foliage, Blooms Summer-Fall 

Part-Shade Attracts Butterflies Attracts Bees

Classic cottage garden perennial with large, pure white blooms that stand out above the dark green foliage. Selected for its long bloom time extending well into the fall season.The lightly fragrant flowers grow on wiry stems and make a nice addition to cut flower arrangements.


Aquilegia/Columbine Aquilegia/Columbine 'Rememberance' and 'Denver Gold'
HT:24" SP:20" Upright, Blooms Late Spring-Early Summer 

Part-Shade Attracts Butterflies Hummingbird
Columbines are among the easiest of perennials to grow. Our selections are based on taller habits making them beautiful in the gardens as well as in cut flower arrangements.
Popular with novice and experienced gardeners since they tolerate full to part shade and a range of soil conditions.


Brunnera 'Jack Frost' Brunnera 'Jack Frost'  PPA Winner 2012
HT: 12" SP: 20", Mounding habit, Blooms Spring-Early Summer

Full Shade Part-Shade Deer-resistant Attracts Bees
'Jack Frost' is a standout in shady areas. Prominent green veins are a nice contrast. The plant forms a rounded clump that spreads over the years. The blue forget-me-not flowers appear above the foliage and the showy foliage remains nice through the changing seasons.

Dianthus Dianthus 'Firewitch'  PPA Winner 2006
6" Silver Foliage, Mounding Habit, Blooms Spring-Fall   

  Part-shade Butterfly Attracts Bees  
Plants form tufts of blue-green foliage that spread quickly and stay nice through the changing seasons. Charming flowers are wonderfully fragrant, blooms in mass, attracts butterflies, and plants will continue to bloom through 2-3 cycles if sheared after each bloom cycle.

Geranium Geranium 'Brookside' and 'Rozanne' PPA Winner 2008
HT:18" SP:20" Sprawling Habit, Blooms Summer-Fall
  Part-Shade Butterfly Attracts Bees 
Perennial Geraniums are a must have for full sun perennial gardens. The flowers alone are enough to make this plant worth growing, but the foliage is great too. Plants bloom through the season with shearing between bloom cycles. Easy to grow and adaptable to a wide range of soil types.
Both have vigorous, sprawling habits so allow plenty of room for the plants to spread.

Heuchera Heuchera 'Kassandra'
HT:12" SP:16" Mounding, Small Blooms, Grown Primarily For Foliage

Full Shade Part-Shade Hummingbird  
Heucheras have come such a long way over the past few decades. Available in a wide range of foliage coloration, it's difficult to choose which one to offer, but admit that I prefer those with lighter foliage coloration that shows nicely in the shady location that they do best in.

Hosta Hosta in four varieties this season
HT:16" SP:24" Mounding, Lavender Blooms, Grown Primarily For Foliage

Full Shade Part-Shade Hummingbird  
Hostas brighten otherwise shady areas of the landscape and will tolerate part-shade conditions when provided with ample water and planted in amended soils. The plants bloom later in the season with delicate, light purple flowers on tall scapes. A showy plant with or without the flowers we enjoy them on the deck in container gardens and planted in the gardens every season.

Lamium 'Orchid Frost'
Lamium 'Orchid Frost' HT:8" Groundcover, Blooms Summer Into Fall 

Full Shade Part-Shade Deer-resistant Attracts Bees   
'Orchid Frost' is one of the best groundcovers available for this area. The bright foliage is a standout in shady areas and the charming blooms are a soothing shade of orchid that attracts pollinators. This delicate looking plant is remarkably tough and will tolerate full sun when planted in amended soils. Also lovely in container gardens that share a shady space with me through the heat of summer. Highly deer-resistant.



Lupine 'Gallery Blue', 'Gallery Red' and 'Gallery Yellow' HT:24" SP:18"
Upright, Blooms Late Spring-Early Summer

Part-Shade Butterfly 

Lupine are popular with their unusual flower spikes that rise above the foliage. Blooms and plants are short-lived (like Delphiniums), so we plant every 2-3 years to insure inclusion into the gardens. Customers have shared pics of areas where the Lupine have spread via viable seeds creating a wonderfull area filled with a mix of these colorfull beauties. Poisonous, so be aware.



Monarda 'Jacob Cline'
HT:36" SP:30" Upright, Blooms Mid-Late Summer

Part-Shade Hummingbird

Monarda is well-known for attracting hummingbirds into the gardens since their tubular flowers are suited to the bird's feeding habits, so be sure to plant where you can sit and watch them as they move from bloom to bloom. The foliage is wonderfully mint scented.


Phlox paniculata 'David' Phlox 'David' HT:30" SP:24" PPA Winner 2002  

Part-Shade Deer-resistant Butterfly
Phlox are popular, long-lived plants for the full sun to part-shade garden. Prefer amended soils and ample water at the base rather than overhead so flowers don't "shatter" and drop prematurely. The flowers are highly fragrant and make elegant bouquets. Like Oriental poppies, we singe the base of the stem so the flowers last longer. Also this season, Phlox p. 'Early Purple'. With both varieties the blooms last longer when planted in part-shade.