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We're all looking for plants that are easy to grow so we can spend more time enjoying them and less time maintaining them. Beneficials thrive in healthy gardens, keeping pests in check and adding to the sensory pleasures of being outside. Avoid using pesticides that will harm them.
Look for the icons Butterfly Hummingbird Honeybee that indicate plants that will attract and sustain beneficials.
Full Sun Full Sun: Refers to plants that require a minimum of 4-6 hours of direct light.
Part-Shade Part-Shade: Refers to plants that require no more than 4 hours of direct light.
Full Shade Full Shade: Little or no direct, bright light. At our elevation of 5800', even shady areas are bright.
Xeric (Zer-ik)
Xeric (zer-ik)/Water-wise: Refers to xeriscape plants that thrive with less water.
When considering perennials for gardens that have a mix of trees, shrubs, and perennials, note the  symbols provided so plants with the same requirements can be grouped together.

Colten's Pic Of Deer In The Shade

Deer move freely through our landscape. We both have that same "What are you doing in my yard?" expression when we see each other. If you face a similar situation, look for the
NO DEER symbol to minimize frustration.

A plant's growth is dependent on its genetic characteristics, cultural practices, and regional climate. Our descriptions include information about the plant's naturally occuring, mature height (HT) and spread/spacing (SP) so the garden will be full without looking crowded. We have described plants as: Upright; the plant will be taller than it is wide; best to use towards the back or center of an island garden, Mounding; the plant will be about as wide as it is tall, Sprawling; spreading outward from basal stems, or as a Groundcover; ...spreading to infinity and beyond. We also include the plant's regional bloom time for continuous color throughout the changing seasons.

  Ladybug with Eggs Ladybug Larvae Adult Ladybug
Ladybugs (eggs to larvae to adult) thrive in healthy gardens. You can buy them and release them, but it's the plants that naturally induce, sustain, and keep them in the gardens. Several years ago I stopped spraying pesticides in and around the gardens. It struck me as being slightly psychotic to plant a landscape that attracts birds, bees, and beneficials into my landscape and then turn around and use chemicals that harm them.

Garden designs have moved from foundation to curb since they are often viewed from inside the home. Mixed gardens that include shrubs, perennials, and annuals provide a screen from roadways and allows us to enjoy the gardens from inside looking out as well as from a deck or patio and give homeowners a sense of privacy. After all, wouldn't you rather look at a colorful garden than a roadway?
Aster 'Purple Dome'

Aster 'Purple Dome'   $8
HT:18" SP:24" Mounding, 
Blooms Late Summer-Fall 

Full Sun Deer-Resistant Attracts Butterflies Attracts Bees

Forms a solid, rounded mound of royal purple flowers. A sought after variety that provides color through late summer and well into fall and selected for its long bloom time. Beneficials seek out fall flowers for needed nectar and pollen and this variety stays compact from start to finish.

Campanula 'Freya'

Campanula 'Freya' USPP#22738   $8
HT:10" SP:12" Compact, Late Spring-Early Summer

Full Sun Butterfly Attracts Bees

Clusters of star-shaped, flowers form along the sturdy stems. Darker shade of purple with long-lasting blooms so a nice addition to cut flower arrangements. Compact plant intended for the front of the perennial garden. Will re-bloom later in the season if deadheadded and, like many purple flowers, these Campanula attract honeybees.

Clematis 'The President'
Available in large and small flowering varieties so you're sure to find one that suits your landscaping needs. Hardy to this area, the varieties we offer are a reliable vine when given the right growing conditions. Plant in well-drained, amended soil with the foliage in full sun and the roots shaded by groundcovers or mulch. Provide ample water and regular fertilizing. Prune large flowering vines to dieback (green buds) in late spring only to rejuvinate or control growth. Clematis typically take 3-5 years to establish.

Dianthus Dianthus 'Firewitch'  PPA Winner 2006   $4
6" Silver Foliage, Mounding, Blooms Spring-Fall   

  Full Sun Part-shade Butterfly Attracts Bees  
Plants form tufts of blue-green foliage that spread quickly and stay nice through the changing seasons. Charming flowers are wonderfully fragrant, blooms in mass, attracts butterflies, and plants will continue to bloom through 2-3 cycles if sheared after each bloom cycle.

Andropogon 'Indian Warrior'    Festuca 'Beyond Blue'   $8
Grasses continue to be a popular addition to the landscape with their movement and seasonal color.
Andropogon 'Indian Warrior' PP24999 HT:5' and Festuca 'Beyond Blue' HT: 24"

Heuchera Heuchera 'Kassandra'   $8
HT:12" SP:16" Mounding, Primarily For Foliage

Full Shade Part-Shade Hummingbird  
Heucheras have come such a long way over the past few decades. Available in a wide range of foliage coloration, it's difficult to choose which one to offer, but admit that I prefer those with lighter foliage coloration that shows nicely in the part-shade location that they do best in.

Hosta Hosta in four varieties this season  $16
HT:16" SP:24" Mounding, Primarily For Foliage

Full Shade Part-Shade Hummingbird  
Hostas brighten otherwise shady areas of the landscape and will tolerate part-shade conditions when provided with ample water and planted in amended soils. The plants bloom later in the season with delicate, light purple flowers on tall scapes. A showy plant with or without the flowers we enjoy them on the deck in container gardens and planted in the gardens every season.

Iris 'Wine Festival' 'Wine Festival'  $16
Tall bearded Iris are a beautiful, low-maintenance addition to any full sun, xeric landscape. A long-time favorite of novice and advanced gardeners over the years since they are available in stunning colors and a welcome site as we move from winter into spring. Best when planted so that the top half of the rhizome is visible at soil level; otherwise root rot occurs. Highly Deer-Resistant. Excellent as a cut flower with long lasting, mildly fragrant blooms.

Lupine 'Gallery Blue', 'Gallery Red' and 'Gallery Yellow'  $4 
HT:24" SP:18" Upright, Late Spring-Early Summer

Full Sun Part-Shade Deer-Resistant Butterfly 

Lupine are popular with their unusual flower spikes that rise above the foliage. Blooms and plants are short-lived (like Delphiniums), so we plant every 2-3 years to insure inclusion into the gardens. Customers have shared pics of areas where the Lupine have spread via viable seeds creating a wonderfull area filled with a mix of these colorfull beauties. Poisonous, so be aware.

Penstemon strictus photo by Susan J. Tweit

Penstemon digitalis strictus 30" Early-Late Summer   $16
Full Sun Deer-Resistant Attracts Butterflies Attracts Bees

Penstemons (named for having 5 stamons) are well known for attracting hummingbirds, butterflies, bumblebees, and honeybees into the gardens. Their upright habit and long bloom time allows them to fit nicely into the xeric landscape. Penstemon strictus, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, is a native wildflower that thrives in our climate and soils. Best when placed nearby to enjoy the beneficial insects as they move from bloom to bloom.

Phlox paniculata 'David' Phlox 'David' HT:30" SP:24" PPA Winner 2002   $16   

Full Sun Part-Shade Deer-Resistant Butterfly
Phlox are popular, long-lived plants for the full sun to part-shade garden. Prefer amended soils and ample water at the base rather than overhead so flowers don't "shatter" and drop prematurely. The flowers are highly fragrant and make elegant bouquets. Like Oriental poppies, we singe the base of the stem so the flowers last longer. Also this season, Phlox p. 'Early Purple'. With both varieties the blooms last longer when planted in part-shade.

Sempervivum/Hens and Chicks

Sempervivum/Hens and Chicks   $4
Charming succulent offered as a groundcover

Full Sun Xeric (Zer-ik) Deer-Resistant

Available this season in 8 varieties from the 'Chick Charms Collection' so you're sure to find one that's just right for the rock garden, xeriscape, or a full sun container garden.