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Prunus/Purpleleaf Sandcherry Syringa/Lilac 'Bloomerrang' Amelanchier/Serviceberry
Our shrub selections are based on seasonal attributes in the landscape. Available in a range of mature sizes, foliage coloration, and bloom times so they work well as hedges and screens, as a backdrop for a garden, and as stand alone plantings in the landscape. Shrubs provide privacy and a sense of enclosure as we avoid views and noises from intrusive surroundings by creating spaces to relax and enjoy being outdoors. Diverse landscapes provide a range of food and shelter to attract beneficial insects and birds adding an element of interest and aesthetic value to the landscape. While many of the shrubs we offer are natives, we don't disregard noteworthy plants adapted to our regional climate and soils. Notations are included with plants that sucker. 

Water-wise Plants with a water-wise symbol do well in a xeriscape grouped together with other water-wise shrubs and perennials. The plants, once established, (second-third year after planting) will thrive with less-frequent, but thorough watering applied directly at the roots.
deer-resistant  Deer move freely through our landscape. We both have that same "What are you doing in my yard?" expression when we see each other. Look for the Deer-resistant symbol to minimize frustration.
 Fall foliage  Fall foliage is a sought after quality adding seasonal interest.
Attracts bees Blooming shrubs that attract, and sustain, honeybees, butterflies, and other beneficials.
Shrubs that provide fruit for birds add to the sensory pleasures of gardening and keep pests in check.

Garden designs have moved from foundation to curb since they are often viewed from inside the home. Mixed gardens that include shrubs, perennials, and annuals provides a screen from roadways and allows us to enjoy the gardens from inside looking out as well as from a deck or patio and give homeowners a sense of privacy.
Acer/Maple Acer/Maple ginnala 'Bailey Compact' HT:8' SP:8'  and 'Flame'  HT:15' SP:20'  $40  

  Water-wise Fall foliage  Excellent as a small tree in the landscape.
Upright, spreading habit with dark green foliage that changes to dramatic shades of yellow then red through fall. While adapted to our alkaline soils and dry conditions, these maples are prone to iron deficiencies that manifest as yellowing foliage marked by dark green leaf margins. We topdressed plants in the nursery with Ironite and Osmocote and suggest another application by late summer.

Acer tataricum 'Hot Wings'

Acer/Maple tataricum 'Hot Wings' HT:20' SP:18'  $40  

  Water-wise Fall foliage 

Small yellow flowers are followed by bright red samaras giving these large shrubs/small trees the name 'Hot Wings'. Dark green foliages turns to shades of yellow to red providing the vivid fall colors that Maples are famous for. Tolerant of drier soils and alkalinity, making them a good choice for Elko area landscapes and in the mixed garden.

   Amelanchier flower Amelanchier fruit Amelanchier fall foliage 

Amelanchier/Serviceberry 'Regent' HT:5' SP:5' & canadensis HT:20' SP:12' $30  

Water-wise Attracts birds Fall foliage Honeybee 

White spring flowers produce edible fruit through June. Berries are popular for making jelly and they attract birds into the landscape. Native plant that's easy to grow and provides outstanding yellow-orange leaves through fall. Suckers so it's best suited as a hedge or as a border garden backdrop away from lawn areas.

Aronia flowers

Aronia/Chokeberry $30   

'Autumn Magic' HT:5' SP:4' and 'Viking' HT:8' SP:6'

  Water-wise Attracts birds Fall foliage

Fragrant white flowers through late spring followed by clusters of large, edible, berries that persist through summer and into fall. The berries can be eaten fresh or used to make jams, juice, and wine. Vivid fall colors of red, orange, and purple. Suckers.
Aronia fruit

Berberis 'Ruby Carousel'

Berberis 'Ruby Carousel' and 'Rose Glow' HT:3' SP:3' $30  

Water-wise Deer-resistant

A red foliage barberry with excellent all-summer color and uniform habit.
Well-adapted to our hot, dry summers. Full sun, so avoid planting in shady areas. Highly deer-resistant.


Cotoneaster lucidus HT:6' SP:6'  $30  

  Water-wise Attracts birds Honeybee

Forms a dense hedge quickly. Upright habit with small, pink flowers in spring, outstanding fall color, followed by black fruit through winter attracting birds into the landscape. Very easy to grow.
Well-suited in size for planting as a hedge, privacy screen, or garden backdrop.
Responds well to pruning so desired height and fullness can be maintained.

Cornus Red Twig Dogwood

Cornus/Red Twig Dogwood HT:8' SP: 8'  $40   
Full sun to 
 Part-Shade Part-shade   

Bright red stems stand out through the winter months. Fresh green foliage in spring with porcelain blue berries in late summer and red-purple foliage through fall. Plants spread with suckers, so allow plenty of room for this vigorous grower.
Forms a dense hedge quickly, but does require ample water/irrigation through the heat of summer, or plant in part-shade.


Forsythia 'Northern Gold'  HT:7'  SP:6'  $40  

Forsythias bloom before the foliage comes on, so the flowers really stand out and provide high-impact and low-maintenance spring color. Easy to grow in full sun. Nice as a hedge planting with its upright habit and dense summer-frost foliage. Chosen for its hardiness as well as its ability to hold its flowers for several weeks despite our cold, wet springs.


Hamamelis virginiana HT:15' SP:15'  $35   

  Full sun to 
Part-Shade Part-shade  Deer-resistant Honeybee

Was drawn to unusual flowers with fragrant, yellow, ribbon-like petals in late fall. Does well in areas of a naturalized landscape with other shrubs as a screen or garden backdrop.


Physocarpus/Ninebark 'Amber Jubilee'TM HT:5' SP:4'  $40  

Striking foliage in glowing tones of orange, yellow, and gold. Rounded and dense habit. Foliage turns to deeper shades of red and purple that stays nice through fall.
Colors show best when planted in full sun and tends to get leggy in deep shade. 

Potentilla CitrusTart

Potentilla 'Citrus Tart'TM HT:3' SP:3'   $30  

Water-wise Deer-resistant Honeybee

From the Morden Research Center in Manitoba, the double golden flowers and slightly uprigh habit make this all season bloomer an exciting new variety for us to offer.
'Goldfinger' is the other Potentilla we have with slightly brighter, single, yellow flowers sharing the same height and spread/spacing. $40

Prunus/Nanking Cherry

Prunus tomentosa/Nanking Cherry HT:10' SP:10'  $30 


Delicate, fragrant, light pink flowers appear in very early spring before the foliage just when the honeybees are foraging. Fruit appears in early summer and attracts robins into the landscape.
Best when grown where you can enjoy its full size.

Prunus/Purpleleaf Sand Cherry

Prunus x cistena HT:8' SP:8'  $30  and Prunus virg 'Shubert Select' HT:20' SP:20'  $40 

  Attracts Bees  Attracts Birds 

Purpleleaf sand cherries have delicate, fragrant, light pink flowers in early spring when the honeybees are foraging. Pruning in fall keeps the plant looking full and bushy.
'Shubert Select' is a red leaf variety of natve American chokecherry. White plumes of fragrant, white flowers are followed by red fruits that are favored by birds.  

Yellow flowering currant

Ribes aureum/Yellow Flowering Currant HT:6' SP:6'  $30  

Water-wise Honeybee

Fragrant yellow flowers in late spring followed by black berries through late summer.
Attracts honeybees and hummingbirds with the pollen and nectar.
Lightly suckers, so best planted in a naturalized area.

Salix/Dwarf Willow Salix purpurea/Dwarf Blue Leaf Artic Willow HT:4' SP:4' $40 

Attractive plant that is popular for its steel-blue foliage and fine textured twigs that are purplish through winter. Nice as a hedge planting, screen, or as a stand alone specimen.
Like most willows, this variety does not tolerate drought conditions, so plant where it can receive a reliable, scheduled watering through the heat of summer. Does not sucker.

 Elderberry Elderberry fruit  Attracts birds
Sambuscus/Elderberry 'Adams' HT:12' SP:12'  $20  

Fruit is popular for making jam, wine, and attracting birds into the landscape. Showy, white flowers that are a full 6-10" across flat-topped cymes. Attractive plant despite suckers and unkempt habit. Native, excellent as large hedge plant in the naturalized landscape. Important to keep soil evenly moist through the heat of summer, especially as the plant is forming fruit.

Sorbaria 'Sem'

Sorbaria 'Sem' HT:3' SP:3'  $30

  Water-wise Deer-resistant Honeybee

Breakthrough in color and habit with its pink-red, fern-like spring foliage. Later in July, the leaves turn to shades of green followed by late-summer, creamy white blooms.
Suckers slightly, but still an excellent choice for smaller to mid-sized gardens.


Symphoricarpo albus/Snowberry HT:5' SP:5'  $30  

  Water-wise Deer-resistant Honeybee Easy to grow and forms dense growth for privacy screen.

Delicate looking pink flowers in late summer followed by the large, white berries the they are named for. Pruning keeps the plant looking full, and as is with other late flowering shrubs, the best time to prune is in early spring so current season's growth can produce flowers and fruit.

Syringa/Lilac White

Syringa/Common White Lilac HT:15' SP:12' $20
     Easy to grow and forms dense growth for privacy screen.

The old-fashioned lilacs are very popular with their extreemly fragrant flowers. Pruning keeps the plants looking full, and as is with other early flowering shrubs, the best time to prune is after they finish blooming.
Suckers so avoid planting near lawn areas.

Syringa/Lilac 'Sensation'

Syringa/Lilac HT:10' SP:10' $30
     Easy to grow and forms dense growth for privacy screen.

'Sensation' lilacs have a purple florets with a distinctive pure white edge. Extreemly fragrant flowers. Pruning keeps the plants looking full, and as is with other early flowering shrubs, the best time to prune is after they finish blooming.
Suckers so avoid planting near lawn areas.

Syringa/Lilac 'Minuet'

Syringa/Lilac 'Minuet' HT:8' SP:5' $40
     This Lilac does not sucker.

Light purple flower buds open to soft white-pink blooms. Charming addition to the landscape in borders or as a backdrop to perennials.

Syringa/Lilac 'Bloomerang'

Syringa/Lilac 'Bloomerang'TM  HT:5' SP:5' $40
     This Lilac does not sucker.

Enjoy classic lilac fragrance for months instead of weeks. This lilac blooms in spring and then recurrently through summer. Mounded habit is ideal for foundation planting, as part of the mixed garden in the landscape, or as a stand alone plant.

Syringa/Lilac 'Miss Kim'

Syringa/Lilac 'Miss Kim'  HT:5' SP:5' $40
     This Lilac does not sucker. Fall foliage color.

Hardy lilac with purple buds that open to fragrant, pale lilac flowers later in early summer. Also, unique lilac in that the foliage turns to beautiful burgundy-red in fall.

Viburnum lantana 'Mohican' HT:6' SP:6'  and 'Bailey Compact' HT:5' SP:5'  $30  

  Water-wise Deer-resistant
Fall foliage Attracts birds Honeybee

'Mohican' maintains dense growth through the season flowering through spring followed by orange-red fruit through summer. The leaves persist and are among the last to change color into deep purple-bronze in early winter. Both of these Viburnums have white flowers through spring followed by persistant fruit that attract birds into the winter landscape.