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Recycle Your Christmas Trees With These 8 Sustainable Recycling Ideas.

 Imagine the possibilities.

Sustainable Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

The time has come to take down our holiday decor and clear the path to a bright new year.  One full of possibilities, opportunities and a fresh start.  Is one of your resolutions to become more mindful of your surroundings, take care of Mother Earth and be more responsible in your efforts to control waste and reduce your footprint?  If so, let’s get started right away with ways you can recycle your live Christmas tree.  Rather than just taking it to the landfill, consider these tips from the Arbor Day Blog to recycle your Christmas trees. 

Firewood - Evergreens are heavy in sap so they make great outdoor fire wood.
Mulch - Turning your Christmas tree into mulch is a great way to recycle and reuse.  Mulch helps retain moisture in the winter and reduce weed growth in the spring.
Wildlife - Leaving your tree out, even once the needles have dried, creates a safe haven for birds and outdoor critters.
Fish Feeder - This is an interesting idea and one you need permission before doing.  Disposing of your tree in a lake or pond creates a great hiding place and a food resource for fish.  *Please be sure to contact your local officials before you toss your tree into the pond.
Ash Your Garden - Ash from wood provides many great nutrients that will benefit your garden.
Insulate Your Garden - Boughs from evergreens provide a great insulator if laid flat in your flowerbeds.
Fresheners - If the needles are still fresh, consider putting them in satchels to place around your home for a continued fresh evergreen smell.
Coasters - Cut your tree trunk into coasters to protect your coffee table.  It might even be fun to make this a tradition and use a wood burner or permanent marker to date the year of your Christmas tree.  You could even add a quick memory.

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And if none of these ideas resonate with you, please contact your city or local homeowner’s association to see if they offer recycling programs.  

Happy New Year!



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