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Opening for the 2019 season on March 29th

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2019 Delivery Schedule


6-30 cell trays for 180-6” pots/20-17” trays

6-15 cell trays of Iris for 90-6” pots/12- #1 carry trays


125 Lily Bulbs for 75-6” pots/9-17” trays and 50 @ 2-3 per 6” pots/6-#1 carry trays

200 Strawberries for 144-D4 pots/8-18 count carry trays


11-96 cell trays for 1,056-4pots/66-17” trays

5-96 cell trays (480 plants) for 450-D4 annuals/25-18 count carry trays

8-50 cell trays (400 plants) for 384-6” pots/48 #1 carry trays

30-32 cell trays for 960-6” pots/120 #1 carry trays


8-128 cell trays Pansies and Violas for 480-4” pots @ 2-3 per pot/30-17”trays


16-100 cell trays; Combine with 3-11 ship to create 100-8” CBs


8-100 trays; Combine with 3-4 ship to create 850-6” combo pots/94-17” trays


1200 Geraniums for 600- 6” pots @ 2 per pot


4-128 trays Sonnet snaps for 378-D4 pots 21-18 count carry trays

4-128 trays Gazania (512 plants) for 256-4” pots @ 2 per pot/16-17” trays

4-100 tray Salvia for 378-D4 pots/21-18 count carry trays

3-18-19   Bareroot Shrubs Order


20-100 cell trays for 2,000-4” pots


8-100 cell trays for 800-4” pots

While I wish it was possible for me to hire a large customer service staff, it simply isn't. So here's the deal; I'll continue to concentrate my time on production and sales, and you agree to set some time aside before you stop out and familiarize yourself with our plants by visiting the Shrubs and Perennials Availability Pages posted on our website. To sweeten the pot, I'll take 15% off the price of the plants that make it to your wish-list when you shop on Fabulous Fridays. To make it easier for you to create your list, I'm initiating a star rating system (3 stars indicate those that are ready and 4 stars are those looking exceptional) that will be posted every Monday morning after we open for the season. If you've been out before early in the season, you know that it's been company policy to hang onto plants until they've had a chance to fill out the root-zone in the plastic pot they're growing in so you can easily handle the plant while transplanting: Some are quick, and two months is plenty, but some are real slowpokes and simply need more time in the greenhouse. As always, with perennials and annuals too, I am happy to take your name and phone number to contact you when the slowpokes are ready.

November 1991 Greenhouse November '91 Greenhouse 4-17
We built the greenhouse in 1991 and adopted a “learn as you grow” philosophy from the start and feel we can be more honest when answering questions and relating to concerns gardeners in this area have because we deal with those issues too. Water use, deer browsing, plant hardiness, and environmental challenges are real concerns and ones that we address every growing season right along with our customers. And while we would never claim to have all the answers, we can share what we’ve tried and can steer just-getting-started gardeners towards problem solving solutions that have worked for us and help them avoid making the same mistakes we’ve learned from..
1992 Southern Greenhouse 4-17-17 Display Area Benching 4-17-17

After a few years of fighting the elements, we built a smaller greenhouse to grow perennial bareroot stock, liner transplants, and seasonal leftovers through fall and into spring. We also constructed display area benching to transition the perennials from the southern greenhouse into the home landscape. As growers, we don’t bring in anything “ready to sell”. At first, we grew all of the annuals and perennials we offered from seed. Now we bring in perennials and annual liners/plugs from large growers who cater to small greenhouses just like us.

Shrubs Fall 2016 Containerized shrubs were brought in the last week of August and bumped up from black plastic pots into larger sized pulp pots to winter over here so they can break dormancy according to our spring weather conditions. We will also bring in shrubs as bareroot plants in mid-March and pot them up into pulp pots. Mycorrhiza will be incorporated into the Sungrow/Soil Pep around the root system, and the plant will be top-dressed with Osmocote. We will topdress September transplants in March with Osmocote too. 

Customers are relieved when they hear that they can plant the plant in the pulp pot and the root system has everything it will need to succeed that first season. Some do, some don't. Either way, growing plants here rather than bringing them in ready to sell has given us some ability to control the quality of the finished product.


Business Profile

Our goal for this season is to promt Elko city residents to "make the great escape" and come out to our greenhouse and nursery. We need your support and will make every effort to make your trip as successful as possible by working to gain your business and confidence.

Product Knowledge
Be able to answer questions customers pose regarding individual plants as well as general gardening questions.

About gardening overall and specifically regarding the contributions our plants can make to personal quality of life and to the community.

That every plant offered is the highest quality available; pest-free, vigorous, correctly labeled, and well-suited to this area.

To innovate making daily tasks easier and more efficient.
To physically help customers find, select, and load plants making the shopping experience as easy as possible.
To know where every plant is located so customers can be directed to it and so orders can be filled efficiently.

Recognize and Respond To
Customers who know specifically which plants they want...The Get It and Get Going customer.
Customers who are seeking out ideas, information, AND plants.

Value Quality Over Price Always
If you wouldn't be willing to buy it yourself, don't try selling it.

Our long-term goals continue to be:

• To educate customers so they can be successful, confident gardeners.
• To provide healthy plants that are grown in and for this area.

For questions or comments about this website, about our plants, or about gardening in general, contact us by email.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Gift Certificates are always available by calling 775-753-5000.


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194 Two Bottle Bar Lane
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167 Pleasant Valley Rd. Unit 5
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