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Colten's Pic Of Deer In The Shade

Deer move freely through our landscape. We both have that same "What are you doing in my yard?" expression when we see each other. 
If you face a similar situation, look for the NO DEER symbol to minimize frustration.

Ladybug with Eggs Ladybug Larvae Adult Ladybug

Ladybugs (eggs to larvae to adults) thrive in healthy gardens. You can buy them and release them, but it's the plants that naturally induce, sustain, and keep them in the gardens. Several years ago, I stopped spraying pesticides in and around the gardens. It struck me as being slightly psychotic to plant a landscape that attracts birds, bees, and beneficials into my landscape and then turn around and use chemicals that harm them.

Garden designs have moved from foundation to curb since they are often viewed from inside the home. Mixed gardens that include shrubs, perennials, and annuals provide a screen from roadways and allows us to enjoy the gardens from inside looking out as well as from a deck or patio and give homeowners a sense of privacy. After all, wouldn't you rather look at a colorful garden than a roadway?

View From Window

Thanks go to Walters Gardens and Ball Horticulture for providing pictures for us to use on this website.

Caryopteris/Blue Mist

Caryopteris/Blue Mist #1 Pot $10

Full Sun Deer-Resistant Water-Wise/Xeric
HT:36" SP: 36"

This low-growing shrublet is a personal favorite since it blooms from late summer-fall providing nectar and pollen for foraging honeybees.

Like other woody shrublets, we prune to green in spring.

Highly deer-resistant.


Clematis Vine 6" Pots $12

Plant in well-drained, amended soil with the foliage in full sun and the roots shaded by a groundcover or mulch. Provide ample water and regular fertilizing. Prune large flowering vines to dieback (green buds) in late spring and small flowering varieties to rejuvenate or control growth.

Clematis typically take 3-5 to become well-established.


Echinacea/Coneflower 6" Pot Sale Priced @ $5

Full Sun Deer-Resistant Water-Wise/Xeric Attracts Butterflies
HT:24" SP: 24"

Upright plant that provides late summer color through fall.
New varieties offer a range of colors so you're sure to find one that's just right. Slow-growing, but reliable over the years.


Liatris 6" Pot $10

Full Sun Attracts Honeybees Attracts Butterflies Attracts Hummingbirds Deer-Resistant
HT: 20" SP: 14"

Compact foliage with dramatic spikes of purple flowers that rise well above the basal foliage.



Full Sun Attracts Honeybees Attracts Butterflies Attracts Hummingbirds Deer-Resistant
10" Pot $15 'Walker's Low' (shown) HT:36" SP: 36"
'Purrsian Blue' 6" Pot $8 HT:16" SP:24"
'Purrsian Blue' 4" Pot $4 Sale Priced Full Tray of 16 @ $48

Nepetas are highly deer-resistant and great plants for areas where they can be allowed to spread out. Honeybee and bumblebee magnets, a characteristic to consider if you're allergic or (cringe), just don't like honeybees.

'Walker's Low' is the PPA Plant of the Year for 2007.
'Purrsian Blue' is the PPA Plant of the Year for 2020.

Perovskia/Russian Sage

Perovskia/Russian Sage 6" Pot $8

Full Sun Deer-Resistant Attracts Honeybees 
Atriplicifolia 'Denim 'n Lace' HT:32" SP:38"
'Rocketman' HT:30" SP:36"
'Blue Jean Baby' HT:24" SP:34"

All Bloom Late Summer-Fall

Masses of small flowers form on multi-branched, aromatic stems through late summer. Honeybee and bumblebee magnets. Prefer xeric landscape areas, so avoid overwatering through summer and waterlogged soil in winter. We prune to green buds in late spring.

Perovskia atriplicifolia is the PPA Plant of the Year for 2020. 

Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm'

Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm' 12" Pot $12

Full Sun Water-Wise/Xeric Deer-Resistant  
HT:24" SP:24" Upright; Blooms Late Summer

Hardy Rudbeckia provides a profusion of flowers on sturdy, multi-branching stems. Good as a cut flower and a dependable perennial on its own in mass/drifts or in the mixed garden. Compact plant, so it shows best when planted in the front-mid section of the garden.

Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year for 1999.

Sedum Sunsparkler

Sedum Sunsparkler 'Firecracker' 10" Pot $15

Full Sun Water-Wise/Xeric Attracts Honeybees Attracts Butterflies
HT:6" Groundcover, Blooms late Summer-Fall

Foliage color intensifies with the onset of fall and through winter.
Vibrant flowers are an added bonus through late summer. Sedum's succulent foliage is perfect for our hot, dry summers. Prefers xeric conditions, so avoid overwatering. Adds distinct foliage texture and color to rock gardens, at the garden's edge, and in container gardens.

Sedum 'October Daphne'

Sedum 'October Daphne' 6" Pot $8

Full Sun Water-Wise/Xeric  
HT:6" SP:14" Groundcover, Blooms mid-late summer

Every season we try to add a new Sedum because I like them so much. This one is has small, serrated leaves with blue-green tint and pink at edges. Great xeric plant for the dry landscape.

New for us this season.

Thyme Creeping Lemon

Thymus Creeping Lemon 4" Pot $4

Full Sun Water-Wise/Xeric Attracts Honeybees Attracts Butterflies
HT:6" SP:Groundcover Blooms Late Summer

Always a good idea to include a creeping thyme for fragrance, culinary use, and as a durable groundcover.