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Annuals 2019 

Agastache Gazania Calibrachoa
Annuals are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes, so I try to grow and offer varieties that I am confident will do well in our unique climate. I've grouped plants together as upright, mounding, trailing, and semi-trailing plants so shoppers can decide on the best way to use them for container gardens or where to plant in their landscape gardens. Salvias are highly deer-resistant, Pansies are deer candy. Let me know if it's an issue.

Upright plants are taller than they are wide and vary with heights ranging from 18"-36"+. These are towards the back plants or even as solo plantings.

Many annuals are irresistible to hummingbirds and pollinators and so fun to watch as the move from bloom to bloom gathering pollen and nectar.

Include: Agastache; Kudos Series, Snapdragons; Sonnet Series, Savia; in 7 varieties this season, and Geraniums; Americana and Regal Series.


Mounding plants are as wide as they are tall and work well towards the center with semi-trailing plants and fillers in front of or around them.

Petunias continue to be popular as breeders improve flower scent, foliage vigor, and no deadheading! We have just given up on Petunis that require deadheading. We do tip pinch new growth while young to keep plants full and promote new blooms towards the center.

Include: Petunia; Headliner Series and Geraniums; Calliope Series.


Semi-trailing plants are perfect for beautiful, decorative/artistic pots that we don't want to hide with blooms and foliage. They are also nice for a bubble of color in urns, container garden combinations, tabletop planters, and as border plantings in the landscape gardens along pathways so they soften edges without taking over. Can also be used as fillers along with Violas.

Include: Calibrachoa; in 12 varieties this season, Pansies; Cool Wave Series, Bacopa; Megacopa Series, Verbena; Firehouse Series, and Bidens.


Trailing plants are vigorous, vining plants that cover pots from top to bottom. These are not meant for small containers because they would pose a watering nightmare as they quickly become rootbound.

Vigorous growers are often vigorous feeders so to avoid spindly, starving vines, water and feed accordingly. Also, best when combined with other vigorous plants so they don't overwhelm less vigorous growers.

Include: Petunias; Surfinia Series and Lobularia; EasyBreezy Series.