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Bringing the beauty of nature to Northern Nevada

Colorscapes will open for 2019 on March 29th

Currently Closed For The Season

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Business Profile

Our goal for this season is to promt Elko city residents to "make the great escape" and come out to our greenhouse and nursery. We need your support and will make every effort to make your trip as successful as possible by working to gain your business and confidence.

Product Knowledge
Be able to answer questions customers pose regarding individual plants as well as general gardening questions.

About gardening overall and specifically regarding the contributions our plants can make to personal quality of life and to the community.

That every plant offered is the highest quality available; pest-free, vigorous, correctly labeled, and well-suited to this area.

To innovate making daily tasks easier and more efficient.
To pyhsically help customers find, select, and load plants making the shopping experience as easy as possible.
To know where every plant is located so customers can be directed to it and so orders can be filled efficiently.

Recognize and Respond To
Customers who know specifically which plants they want...The Get It and Get Going customer.
Customers who are seeking out ideas, information, AND plants.

Value Quality Over Price Always
If you wouldn't be willing to buy it yourself, don't try selling it.

Our long-term goals continue to be:

• To educate customers so they can be successful, confident gardeners.
• To provide healthy plants that are grown in and for this area.