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03 Project1
With a spading fork, lift out weeds and existing plants. If existing plants are really cool,
set them aside, if not, toss. Use a tarp to make clean-up easier.

03 Project2
With a spading fork, turn over the soil, and remove large rocks.

03 Project3
Lay weed barrier, level edge, and begin 1st tier of garden wall edging.

03 Project4
Incorporate organic mulch, level, and water thoroughly.

03 Project5
Plant favorites keeping a distance from the structure to allow for snow slough and rain runoff.

Garden Wall1
Install the irrigation system and backfill with topsoil.

Garden Wall2
Allow topsoil to settle for two weeks then plant with favorites.

Parking area entrances/exits can be expanded by adding culverts.

Remove large rocks and weeds prior to laying the weed barrier.

Level the ground then install weed barrier.

Washed gravel drains quickly warms fasters to melt the winter snow. NO MUD.
Walkways can be enhanced by replacing washed gravel with chiprock.
Rake back gravel, lay weed barier, and install paver edging.

Flexible paver edging allows for curves.

Start at the furthest spot, dump chiprock.

Chiprock is much easier to walk on than gravel.

Garden Cutback1
By the end of fall, the gardens are ready to cutback.

Garden Cutback2
Cutback prior to the onset of winter has many advantages.

Garden Cutback3
Pruners are used for thick stems and handheld, cordless shears for the rest.

Garden Cutback5
I always use a tarp to collect the cutback.

Weed Burning
A propane weed burner works great for eliminating parking lot weeds.

Suggested Reading

Taylor's Master Guide to Landscaping by Rita Buchanan. This is a great book. The pictures and text are so well done with practical advice on adding new gardens and hardscapes along with practical "makeovers" for problem solving. 

Backyard Design, Making the Most of the Space Around Your House by Jean Spiro Breskend. I leave this book outside through the summer and look at it whenever I have a chance to sit and relax under the gazebo.
The pictures give me ideas on how to balance time, energy, space, and design in my own backyard.

I also recommend:
Waterwise Landscaping by Jim Knopf
National Audibon Society Field Guide To Birds - Western Region 
The Undaunted Garden by Lauren Springer
40 Professional Designs For Do-It-Yourselfers, Beds and Borders by Ireland-Gannon Associates
40 Professional Designs For Do-It-Yourselfers, The Backyard Landscaper by Ireland-Gannon Associates
The Well-Tended Perennial Garden by Tracy DiSabato-Aust
Manual of Woody Landscape Plants by Michael A. Dirr