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Our shrub selections are available in a range of mature sizes, foliage coloration, and bloom times, so they work well as hedges and screens, as a backdrop for a large garden, and as stand-alone plantings in the landscape. Shrubs provide privacy and a sense of enclosure as we avoid views and noises from intrusive surroundings by creating spaces to relax and enjoy being outdoors. Our belief is that diverse landscapes that include fruiting shrubs provide both, food and shelter, to attract and sustain beneficial insects and birds adding an element of interest and aesthetic value to the landscape while keeping pests in check.

While many of the shrubs we offer are natives, we don't disregard noteworthy plants adapted to our regional climate and soils. Zones are not listed; when customers ask, my stock answer is "We grow for this area". 90% of the shrubs we offer are tried and true and growing in my own landscape. The other 1 in 10 (new), are listed as zone 3-4, putting them at the -30 degree potential. 

Water-Wise Xeric (zer-ik) plants with a water-wise symbol do well in a xeriscape grouped together with other water-wise plants. The plants, once established, (second-third year after planting) will thrive with less-frequent, but thorough watering applied to the plant's drip-line. Keep in mind that all newly planted shrubs will require more frequent watering than those that are established. Through the heat of summer, 5 gallons, twice a week, applied directly to the rootball is the rule of thumb.
Deer Resistant Deer move freely through our landscape. We both have that same "What are you doing in my yard?" expression when we see each other. Look for the Deer Resistant symbol to minimize frustration.
Fall Foliage Fall foliage is a sought-after quality adding seasonal interest. We tend to spend more time outside once daytime temps are more moderate and being in the gardens through fall, doing those seasonal chores, is more enjoyable when surrounded by beautiful foliage colors. Shades of yellow and orange especially brighten the landscape.
Attracts Bees Blooming shrubs attract, and sustain, honeybees, butterflies, and beneficials.
Birds Shrubs that provide fruit for birds add to the sensory pleasures of gardening and spending time being outside.

Garden designs have moved from foundation to curb since they are often viewed from inside the home. Mixed gardens that include shrubs, perennials, and annuals provide a screen from roadways and allows us to enjoy the gardens from inside looking out as well as from a deck or patio and give homeowners a sense of privacy. After all, wouldn't you rather look at a colorful garden than a roadway?

View From Window

Amelanchier 'Regent'

Amelanchier/Serviceberry 'Regent'
3 @ $40

HT:8' SP:6'

This shorter Amelanchier provides four-season beauty with a mass of white flowers in spring, summer fruit, and outstanding fall foliage. Berries are popular for making jelly and wine. 

Easy to grow and a personal favorite with dramatic yellow-orange leaves through fall. Sweet fruit attracts birds that feed on harmful insects, including grasshoppers, providing natural pest control.

Amelanchier/Serviceberry 'Standing Ovation' 11 @ $40

HT:15' SP:4'

Adds height and seasonal interest with bright white flowers in spring and dark green leaves that change to red and orange through fall. Very hardy, zone 2, can be used as a small tree in the landscape with its narrow, upright habit.

Produces less fruit than its cousins, Canadensis and 'Regent', but still an excellent choice as a small tree in the landscape and large garden design.

Cornus 'Alleman's Compact/Dogwood

Cornus/Dogwood 'Alleman's Compact' 8 @ $22

 Attracts Birds 
HT:5' SP:4'

Similar to Red Osier Dogwood, but with a deeper wine-red stem color and more compact form. White blossoms in May, green foliage through summer, white berries in fall, and finally the outstanding red stem color in winter. Easy to grow and well suited as a hedge or as a stand alone specimen.

Euonymus alatus/Burning Bush 'Compactus'

Euonymus Alatus/Burning Bush 'Compactus'
1 @ $32

Water-Wise Fall Foliage
HT:5' SP:5'

Bushy, with a rounded habit, so an excellent choice for hedges, screening, or as a stand-alone with its outstanding fall color.

Will tolerate some shade, but shows best fall color in full sun. Planting in a garden setting will reduce exposure to hot summer winds that can cause leaf scald.

Potentilla ''Goldfinger'

Potentilla 'Dakota Sunspot' 3 @ $32

Water-Wise Deer Resistant Attracts Bees
HT:3' SP:3'

We prune these plants in late fall so twiggy stems can form new growth through spring. Produces a profusion of bright yellow flowers that bloom all summer. Easy to grow and highly deer-resistant so a popular choice for this area.

Must have full sun to do well.

Prunus/Purpleleaf Sandchery

Prunus/Purpleleaf Sand Cherry 2 @ $32

Attracts Bees Attracts Butterflies Attracts birds
Purpleleaf sandcherry; HT:6' SP:6'

Grown from cuttings, so plants do not sucker. Delicate pink flowers are fragrant and provide nectar and pollen for foraging honeybees. Light pink flowers are a beautiful contrast to the dark burgundy foliage. We prune by half in late fall or early spring every 4-5 years to keep full.

Prunus 'Shubert Select'/Canada Red Select;
HT:20' SP:20' 1 @ $40
Red leaf variety of native American chokeberry.

Prunus tomentosa Nanking Cherry;
HT:10' SP:10' 2 @ $32

Viburnum opulus 'Compactum'

Viburnum 18 @ $40

Attracts Bees Attracts Butterflies Fall Foliage Attracts Birds
'Compactum' HT:5' SP:6'
'Redwing' HT:10' SP:8' 1@ $40

Provides spring flowers, dense foliage through summer, outstanding fall foliage, and red berries that persist through winter.