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Open Friday and Saturday 10am-4pm beginning Black Friday or click above on "Check out the local shop" to purchase online and schedule a pickup.

Wintergreens Available Black Friday

Wintergreens are a great way to warm up your porch, front door and fire mantel.  These fragrant greens will welcome friends and loved ones with the scent of the season.


Berried Hanging Basket

These winter beauties contain Noble Fir, Western Red Cedar, Berried Juniper, Incense Cedar, West Coast Princess Pine (White Pine), and Pine Cones with a splash of festive ribbon strips in an 18" hanging basket.


American Hope Wreath

The American Hope Wreath is our exclusive, signature wreath designed to represent the American fight against Covid-19. It has a strong, Noble Fir base (representing the firm foundation of our country), Manzanita sprigs spaced out throughout the wreath (representing social distancing) and an inner ring of cones and faux berries that are close and touching (representing the unified fight of our citizens against this virus).


Wintergreen Porch Pot Kit

This kit is complete with the Thriller-Filler-Spiller recipe to make your very own porch pot. Red Twig Dogwood and Winterberry add the center "thrill", JUNIPER adds the "fill" and cedar "spills" over the edge of the pot. Each kit will make up one residential-sized porch pot (8" - 12" diameter).